Live-streamed without NBC commentators, Olympics opening ceremony a runaway sensation

Those of us who awoke before dawn Friday to watch the Winter Olympics opening ceremony streaming live from Pyeongchang, South Korea, were afforded the chance to view the extravaganza without the banter of announcers trying to be fun and informative.

What we lost — in the absence of production notes or a program — was a clear sense of what everything in the spectacle was meant to symbolize.

The international feed offers some titles on screen but presents only the sound heard in the newly constructed $100 million Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium that will be used exactly four times. (This was the first.) And it doesn’t translate speeches, which may or may not be in English.

So there are things about what we saw that we won’t know for sure until NBC puts it on in prime time Friday night with co-hosts Mike Tirico and Katie Couric oohing and aahing that the oiled-up and shirtless flag bearer from Tonga, last seen in Rio de Janeiro two years ago, was back in front of his country’s delegation, oiled up and shirtless again.