London fire: How one Grenfell Tower resident escaped

Christos FairbairnImage copyright
Christos Fairbairn

When a fire broke out at Grenfell Tower housing block in west London early Wednesday morning, a number of occupants were able to escape. One of them was 15th floor resident Christos Fairbairn, 41, who has told his story. (Readers may find some details of his account distressing.)

I live on the 15th floor of Grenfell Tower. I moved there two years ago.

At around 12.45am on Wednesday morning I was watching TV when I heard aggressive knocking at my door. I heard more activity and noise outside and shortly after I heard an alarm go off in the building. I saw smoke coming into the flat and that’s when I realised there was a fire.

I rang the fire service and they told me to get out. They said: “Wrap a wet towel around yourself and get out of the block.”