Mets did right by David Wright

In the end, David Wright’s grand farewell came down to just a little more money than the Mets are paying Michael Conforto for the entire 2018 season.

The fourth-year outfielder Conforto is earning $605,090, a hearty bargain, for what has turned into a nice recovery season from his serious left shoulder injury. For six days on the active roster, from Sept. 25 through the end of the season, the Mets will pay Wright $641,711.23, the professional sports team equivalent of dinner at a nice restaurant for civilians.

The Mets did right by Wright, who will be declared medically ineligible to play after he enjoys the Mets’ season-ending homestand on the active roster, yet they also made the sensible choice. The costs of being petty over such a small sum — of not activating him so they could continue the coverage of his salary — far outweighed the benefits of giving Wright his deserved goodbye.

Besides, the Mets will make back a significant chunk of Wright’s pay, if not turn a profit outright, from the crowd they’ll draw to see his last start Sept. 29 against the Marlins.

Really, Wright’s acceptance of his fate will eliminate a great deal of unnecessary agita and ignorance surrounding his status, and that should help the Mets, too, as will Wright’s roster spot and the expected short-term insurance windfall.

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