MLB Power Rankings: Mets, Pirates and Angels are building a playoff foundation in April

Instead of going on and on about how it’s early (it is, still) and that we shouldn’t be overreacting, let’s instead drop the “over” and react with a story about the 2015 Houston Astros. It’ll apply to several 2018 teams off to hot starts, such as the Mets, Angels and Pirates

In 2015, the Astros started the season 18-7. It was a surprise, as they had won just 70 games the prior season. Sure, everyone expected them to be better, but not in the conversation for the best team in baseball. The thing was, they actually weren’t that good. They just played over their heads during that 18-7 start. They would go 68-69 the rest of the way and that was probably more in line with how good that team was. Their true talent level was around .500, but the huge start where they played over expectations banked them some extra wins and helped them to make the playoffs at 86-76. 

The next season, it seems like the Astros regressed to 84 wins, but it was probably more in line with their rise of talent. Things just looked out of whack thanks to that 18-7 start. If they went something like 70 wins to 80 wins to 84 wins, it wouldn’t have been nearly as surprising. 

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