Model Who Says She Was Kidnapped In Italy Was Seen Shopping With Her Alleged Captor

She was allegedly taken to a remote home in rural Italy by three or four men, who tied her hands and feet to a chest of drawers inside the residence.

Shortly after she was dropped off the consulate, Lukasz Pawel Herba, a Polish citizen and British resident, was arrested and charged with kidnapping to extort money and falsifying documents.

Police also said Herba told Ayling that her captors were part of a group called the “Black Death,” and that they would auction her off on the Dark Web. Police said the group also asked Ayling’s modeling agency to pay a $300,000 ransom.

Police said they are looking for four other accomplices, the AP reported.

“I have been through a terrifying experience,” Ayling said in a prepared statement after she returned to the United Kingdom on Sunday. “I feared for my life second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour.”

Ayling told police she first met the suspect while she was in Paris for a modeling job in April, and that he paid her cab fare at the airport after canceling a modeling job, saying his camera was broken and sending her back home.

Herba told police that he canceled the Paris job after he realized a group of Romanians intended to kidnap Ayling. He said the Romanians gave him $649,000 to rent properties around Europe. He said he initially believed that the properties would be used to store clothes, but was later brought into the kidnapping scheme when he needed money to pay for his treatment for leukemia.

Police in Milan expressed doubt about his story, and said he provided no evidence to confirm his cancer diagnosis.

Herba also claimed he did not participate in Ayling’s kidnapping, but instead came to her rescue when he saw her pictures for the online auction. He told police that she was free to leave after the Romanians abandoned the property, but that she choose to stay, according to the court documents obtained by the AP.

Ayling did tell police that after a couple of days of captivity, Herba untied her handcuffs and that they slept in the same double bed, but he did not assault her, according to the court documents. She said she did not leave because Herba told her “Black Death” members were watching.

Court documents claim that Herba told Ayling that top members of “Black Death” were upset to discover she had a son. He said he had paid part of her ransom, and that she would have to pay the remaining $50,000 upon her release. He also said Black Death had other conditions for her release, such as not speaking ill of the group, according to the filings.

Ayling’s lawyer said the ordeal has left the model traumatized, and that she is cooperating with officials in Italy, Poland, and the UK.