Myles Garrett Is NFL Draft’s Best Overall Player, Smart Option with 1st Pick

If you followed Week 16 action live Saturday, you know that at least for a couple of hours, the projected first overall pick exchanged hands. The Cleveland Browns, who started off the season 0-14, beat the San Diego Chargers, and due to strength-of-schedule tiebreakers, that led to the San Francisco 49ers having the worst record in the NFL, until they beat the Los Angeles Rams.

Every year, the media and fans of lower-level NFL teams have the conversation of “meaningless wins” for non-playoff teams versus the potential of tanking for a higher draft choice. That only makes sense if there is clearly one player who is a cut above the rest of the prospects coming out of the college football world.

This season, unlike the 2016 and 2013 draft classes, there is such a talent: Texas AM pass-rusher Myles Garrett.