NASCAR drivers got what they wanted with new lug nut rule; or did they?

5:33 PM ET

TALLADEGA, Ala. – Catastrophic.

That’s not the description of a crew chief in the garage of what would happen if a wheel is loose. It’s the description of the potential penalty if his car has 19 instead of 20 tight lug nuts on a car that comes into victory lane.

Kurt Busch crew chief Tony Gibson is an old-school crew chief. And he shudders at the thought of a one-race suspension for not having five “safe and secure” lug nuts on a wheel after a race, part of a new rule issued Monday. NASCAR also has the long-standing option of ruling that a winning driver could not use a win to get into the Chase if a rules violation is found postrace.

NASCAR issued the revised lug nut rule Monday in response to driver complaints that teams took big risks by tightening only three of the five lug nuts, especially late in the race, in order for quicker pit stops. Now NASCAR has put an end to that practice. But in doing so, it

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