NBA Finals 2018 Live: Warriors vs. Cavs Game 4 Updates

On offense it wasn’t much better for the Cavs, with Rodney Hood getting stripped and Larry Nance taking a bad jumper before a pair of free-throws by Shaun Livingston pushed Golden State’s lead to 21 points.

The third quarter ended with a Kevin Durant miss and the Warriors having raced to a 25-13 advantage in their favorite period. This series is over and the only debate left is whether Stephen Curry has done enough to overtake Durant for Finals M.V.P.

Marc Stein: LeBron James is one quarter away from joining Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Cooper and Wes Unseld on the short list of players to be swept twice in the N.B.A. finals. The Warriors won the third quarter by 12 points, which is their biggest margin in the series in their favorite quarter.

3rd Quarter: Warriors Push Lead to 17

Everything is going the Warriors’ way on both ends.

Kevin Durant hit a jumper coming out of the timeout to push the lead back to 13. LeBron James and Stephen Curry traded missed 3-pointers, but then following a Curry steal, the Warriors picked up a point after a technical foul call on J.R. Smith, who knocked the ball away after a call.

Cleveland couldn’t capitalize on their end and Durant

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