NBA Free Agency: With Griffin deal, Clippers avoid collapse and chart a new course

Destruction may be a form of creation, but the Los Angeles Clippers didn’t have to blow everything up to make something new. Two days after salvaging the Chris Paul situation with a clever trade, the Clippers have reportedly re-signed Blake Griffin on a five-year maximum contract. Considering that there was a real possibility both stars could have walked and left the Clippers reeling, this should be seen as not only a turning point for the franchise, but a victory. Rather than sinking into a rebuild and considering the possibility of trading DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles will start next season with renewed energy. 

Assuming sharpshooter J.J. Redick signs elsewhere, there is little chance that the new-look Clippers will be as successful as they have been for the past few years. They almost certainly won’t have any lineups as consistently fearsome as their starters have been since Redick arrived in 2013. That situation, however, had grown stale. When training camp opens, they will have a fresh outlook, perhaps a different playbook and, most importantly, way less pressure. 

The questions about whether or not the team will be broken up? Answered. The championship expectations? Gone, at least for now. What is Los Angeles left with? Possibility. Plus a team that might even have some semblance of depth. 

From a basketball perspective, Griffin

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