NBA Power Rankings: Did Boston Celtics Push to the Top?

    Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

    ↓ 1 Spot

    The Golden State Warriors couldn’t extend their winning streak to eight games, falling 92-88 to the surging Celtics in Boston on Thursday. A win would have added a few more miles to the chasm that’s widening between themselves and everyone else, but the loss results in a one-spot drop that already feels hasty.

    During their seven-game run, the Warriors offed opponents of all stripes, practically taking a checklist approach.

    Old nemeses, the Clips and Spurs, fell by a combined 48 points.

    Upstarts in Denver, Minnesota, Orlando and Philly went down by an average of 18.5. They even beat the Magic soundly without Stephen Curry, who sat nursing a quad bruise.

    Burning hotter than anyone, the Celtics halted the surge.

    Golden State’s net rating is still significantly higher than that of the Celtics, who sit in second place.

    Nobody squeezes more points from their possessions in half-court sets or in transition than the Warriors. Nobody spaces the floor with deadlier shooters. Nobody has this kind of depth. And, as a result, it’s still fair to say nobody stands a chance in a seven-game series.

    Remember, too, that these Warriors, well on their way to setting

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