New England Patriots: Ranking the Patriots Super Bowls

As the New England Patriots get set to participate in a record ninth Super Bowl this coming Sunday, much will be made of their previous–and recent–experience in the big game and how it will affect their performance.

But while the game is still six days away, we take a look at their past trips to the Super Bowl and how they fared over previous eight trips. I’ve ranked the Super Bowls based on three criteria, ranked 1-5, and the total values added up to give us our winner:

  1. Game Watchability: was it an entertaining and memorable contest
  2. Game Importance: what historical, if any, value did this game have on the teams and players
  3. Game Legacy:  Is this a game people will be talking about in ten years as ‘one of the great Super Bowls ever?’

WARNING: Yes, Pats fans, we will be delving into the unforgiving world of the Super Bowl losses, so be warned they are listed here.

Let’s go!

#8 Super Bowl XX: Chicago Bears 46 New England Patriots 10

The Patriots first foray in the Super Bowl is probably the one Patriots fans remember least. Them being 10-point underdogs to the Bears notwithstanding, the Patriots were fortunate to have even advanced that far. Traveling on the road three straight times, the Patriots defeated the New York Jets 26-14, the Los Angeles Rams 27-20, and the

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