New York Knicks’ Updated Free-Agency Big Board

    Rick Bowmer/Associated Press

    Though not a free-agent situation, this is the most pressing question the Knicks face. There are three possibilities: trade him, waive him or keep him.

    Trading him requires a team to take on his contract. As’s Ian Begley notes: “Anthony has a 15 percent trade kicker that would add $8.1 million to his 2017-18 salary. That would bring Anthony’s contract to $34.7 million, which is almost untradeable.”

    However, Anthony can waive that, and he said he would for Houston or Cleveland.

    Trading Anthony to Houston would require Houston to send back, at minimum, Ryan Anderson and several non-guaranteed contracts, just to make the salaries match. However, Anderson is 29, on a clunky contract and not in line with the Knicks’ rebuild. 

    So, that means involving a third team. While that’s possible, it’s complicated. And Houston isn’t likely to include Trevor Ariza or Eric Gordon in any such moves as some have suggested

    Any trade to Cleveland would require the Cavaliers shipping out Kevin Love, which won’t happen for Anthony. Love is a better player and a better fit.

    Keeping Anthony does nothing positive for the Knicks. All it does is add a few wins to a lottery team. It also

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