NFL Mock Draft Vol. 4: The Giants Hold the Key—To Draft or Not to Draft a Quarterback?

After months of rumors and speculation—and hundreds of phone calls on my end—we’re only nine days away from the 2018 NFL draft. And here’s what I know for sure: Much of what will unfold within the top-10 picks rides on what the Giants do at No. 2. Last week, Peter King and I mocked up four different top-12 scenarios. If you want to zero in on what GM Dave Gettleman could do, there are three.

Take a quarterback: If the team does this, the chance that QBs go 1-2-3-4 intensifies. We’d know at that point that quarterbacks would go 1-2-3, and that could create a feeding frenzy for the fourth pick, where Browns GM John Dorsey could get the proverbial offer he can’t refuse from a QB-hungry team desperate for one of this year’s Big 4.

Trade the pick: Gettleman has said he wants to draft a player with “gold jacket” potential, and that would seem to limit how far he’d want to go down. But I’m told the Giants have done work on players like UTSA DE Marcus Davenport, which at least tells you they’ve bounced the idea around. If they were to trade the pick? Then we’d have QBs going 1-2-3, but one QB suitor comes off the market, and so the fourth QB could slip a bit.

Take a non-QB: I’ll say

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