NFL QB Power Rankings Week 3: Ryan Fitzpatrick in Top 10? Where did rising star Patrick Mahomes land?

Originally I was going to use this space to extoll the virtues of Patrick Mahomes and Ryan Fitzpatrick, telling you all about the great throws that they’ve made through two weeks of the 2018 NFL season. This is opposite land from last year: instead of young star quarterbacks getting injured in Week 3, we have a young star quarterback returning from injury (Carson Wentz), a young star quarterback turning into an MVP candidate (Mahomes) and an old, stale retread doing the same (Fitzpatrick). 

The league is loaded with quarterbacks and it’s never been easier to do the job. Which brings me to my new main point: if you hear someone blaming fantasy football for a dumb generation of football fans today, yell at them and call them stupid. Actually don’t do that: just remind them politely how wrong they are. 

This is a thing that popped up on Wednesday night when someone noted on Twitter that Ryan Fitzpatrick has more touchdown passes than Troy Aikman. Aikman saw the tweet and said “who cares?,” it got retweeted a ton of times and then on Thursday morning, a bunch of beat writers started blaming fantasy football for fans being dumb. 

A couple of things here: 

One, this all started because someone

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