NHL All-Star Game: Will the third time be the LA charm

Nearly 36 years after Mike Liut played in the first NHL All-Star game in Los Angeles, he remembers being so tired after a cross-country flight and late dinner the night before that he asked to start in goal for fear he’d fall asleep if he had to wait. Liut, who represented the St. Louis Blues, also recalls one of his 25 saves with particular clarity.

“Charlie Simmer had the puck and I was down and out and I just sort of flopped over there and stacked the pads and I thought he was for sure going to score,” Liut said. “But he just whiffed and couldn’t get it up. He should have scored.”

Nearly 36 years after that game at the Forum on Feb. 10, 1981, Simmer needed no prompting to give his version of the play. “I didn’t whiff,” he said indignantly. “I made a tremendous shot. He made a better save. I never whiffed from there. I never whiff and he made a great save.”

There were many memorable aspects to the 1981 All-Star game, including the introduction of the Kings’ potent Triple Crown line of Simmer, Marcel Dionne and Dave Taylor, Wayne Gretzky’s first All-Star point, and the seriousness of the coaches, Scotty Bowman of the Wales Conference and Pat Quinn of the Campbell Conference. By 2002, when the All-Star

Article source: http://www.latimes.com/sports/ducks/la-sp-la-nhl-all-star-20170129-story.html

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