Nick Saban can grumble all he wants. The box score makes Bama’s QB choice obvious.

Even now that Alabama is 1-0 with Tua Tagovailoa as its starting quarterback, Nick Saban might not say he’s settled on a long-term QB. He said he wasn’t all throughout the offseason, mulling it over between sophomore Tagovailoa and 26-2 junior Jalen Hurts.

Saban wouldn’t name a starter even in the last moments before kickoff of his team’s 51-14 romp against Louisville on Saturday. When ESPN’s Maria Taylor asked him seconds before kick, Saban smirked and said she could wait another 30 seconds. He was ruder with her after the game, curtly telling her to “quit asking.”

The Tide can continue to list Tagovailoa and Hurts as co-starters. They might even play both QBs every week, as they did against Louisville.

But Tagovailoa is now Bama’s unquestioned starter, to little surprise. Any window for Hurts to keep the job he held for two years slammed shut with the way both played on Saturday.

To grasp Tagovailoa’s superiority, just look at Bama’s drive chart.

When Tagovailoa was the quarterback, these were Bama’s drives:

  • Seven plays, 65 yards, touchdown
  • Eight plays, 63 yards, fumble by another guy
  • Six plays, 55 yards, touchdown
  • Six plays, 75 yards, touchdown
  • Three plays, 25 yards, touchdown
  • Four plays, 63 yards, touchdown

Average drive: 5.7 plays,

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