Open Thread: Fashion Week Is Coming

Q: I’m confused. I know that it seems to be increasingly acceptable to wear sneakers to work, for going out, etc. I went to Footlocker and other sporty stores; the new sneakers there are insane. There are so many layers of sneakerhead-dom that I am lost in a sea of sneakers. All I DO know is that I HATE the way those Balenciaga triple-sole sneakers look (and would never … could never … pay $875 for a pair of tennies). I already have two pairs of Stan Smiths, but they are so flat that my poor feet rebel. I am looking for some kind of pseudo running shoe. Help? — Maria, Cold Spring, N.Y.

A: As someone approaching the marathon of fashion month, I have converted to spending much of my work life in Nikes and am all for the emergence of sneakers from sports to subculture to mainstream staple. But with such an explosion comes the related ill: option anxiety.

Every brand is jumping on the bandwagon, and pretty much every trend is represented. I have some friends who adore this kind of choice, but personally I tend to find it overwhelming. (In my early 20s, when I was buying my first sofa, I went to Macy’s and was surrounded by so many couches

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