Paulie Malignaggi drops an hour long rant on Conor McGregor – ‘This ‘dirtbag’ is all about his ego’

To say Paulie Malignaggi is still upset about the way things went at Conor McGregor’s training camp for Floyd Mayweather is an understatement.

The retired two division boxing champion was flown in from New York to spar with McGregor, and according to him, he went in with nothing but good intentions. Those intentions were not returned, and in an hour plus rant on the latest MMA Hour Paulie laid out the case for McGregor and his team being total scumbags.

The issues range from putting him and other sparring partners up in “some sort of crackhouse that’s barely been renovated a little bit” to springing unusually long sparring sessions on him, always the day after he got off a plane. Paulie pretty much didn’t like anything he saw surrounding the two sessions they ended up having.

“This guy is all about his ego,” Malignaggi said. “He’s actually not trying to get better. He’s got a bunch of yes men in his corner who tell him he’s doing good even if he’s doing bad. It’s all about that, he always thinks he’s doing good even when he’s not. It’s just about him and cheerleading.”

Malignaggi went further into detail on the straw that broke the camel’s back: pictures from their second session that implied Conor

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