Pope wraps pro-immigrant message in a Polish flag

KRAKOW, Poland – In American politics, everyone knows the best way to sell a controversial cause or idea is to wrap it in the flag. From abolitionism to the civil rights movement, from anti-Vietnam protests to women’s lib, the aim is to package the argument as consonant with the best in American tradition, with bonus points for citing the Founding Fathers.

It’s a principle that doesn’t apply only in the United States, of course. Generally, the best way to push a cause in any culture is to bundle it with values that culture already cherishes, and it’s a sales technique Pope Francis seems to have mastered in Poland when it comes to his push for migrants, refugees and immigrant rights.

In effect, Francis has found ways to wrap his message in a Polish flag.

Engaging Europe’s massive refugee crisis, the most dramatic since the Second World War, has been job one for Pope Francis in 2016 on his social and political agenda, beginning with his annual speech to diplomats in Rome in January and extending through his day trip to Lesbos, Greece, in April, which ended with him bringing a dozen Syrian refugees back with him to Rome.

In the run-up to his Poland trip this week, immigration was expected to be a flash-point, given that the country’s government under the conservative Law and Justice

Article source: https://cruxnow.com/analysis/2016/07/29/pope-wraps-pro-immigrant-message-polish-flag/

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