Ranking the remaining World Series matchups

It was 10 days ago that SB Nation published an empirically correct ranking of all the possible World Series matchups. It featured a convoluted ranking system that gave extra credit to teams that haven’t won a World Series in a while, among other things, and I use it because it’s hard to wrap your head around 25 different matchups. There has to be a way to sort through the mess.

With four matchups, we can just eyeball it and use our feels.

Really, our feels are all that count. Which of these matchups just feels better than the others? Here’s what the original ranking system had:

9. Red Sox — Dodgers
10. Red Sox — Brewers
11. Astros — Dodgers
19. Astros — Brewers

Does those rankings track with our current feels? Let’s take a look.

#4. Astros — Brewers

Ah, the Switched Leagues Cup. Plop someone from 1988 down and show them a World Series program, and they’ll think they’re in an episode of Sliders. Oh, the wacky hijinks of Jerry O’Connell, we’ve missed you so.

Problem is, I can’t tell if that makes this matchup cooler or less cool. Or if it makes absolutely zero difference. Probably the latter. Here’s my real problem with this matchup, though: There’s too much of

Article source: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/10/11/17959760/2018-world-series-matchups-dodgers-astros-red-sox-brewers

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