Raptors Mount Huge Second-Half Comeback, Command Warriors’ Full Attention

There is still nothing in the league more fearsome than when the Warriors decide to give a damn. Even their partial investment is enough to roll over most opponents, burying them beneath casual displays of unbelievable talent. Golden State’s full attention tends to go reserved for the games that matter most: playoff bouts, rivalry games or any time they deem a statement to be necessary.

Saturday’s session against the Toronto Raptors—one of the best teams in the league this season—proved to be the latter. Golden State came out with a commitment to ball movement exceptional even by their standards. Clean, free-flowing basketball helped the Warriors build a 28-point lead by halftime in their highest-scoring first half of the season. Yet by game’s end, the Raptors had ground all but a few points of that lead to dust behind stout coverage and a resilient offensive. The Warriors won, 127-125, by the skin of their teeth.

This year’s Raptors are among the rare teams capable of sustaining through a Warriors’ haymaker. The first half could hardly have been more decisive; even without heating up from beyond the arc, Golden State laid down run after run. Turnovers were sparse, and layups all too common. When they choose to, the Warriors can balance every bit of their considerable three-point potency with an endless string of cut

Article source: https://www.si.com/nba/2018/01/13/raptors-second-half-comeback-warriors-full-attention-demar-derozan

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