Recalling a long, underrated list of Astros playoff meltdowns

HOUSTON — The thing we all overlooked, of course, is the fact that Houston’s playoff baseball history is a tortured, torturous mess. But that’s actually a part of it. When you think of tortured baseball cities, which ones come to mind?


Chicago (based on 108 years of muscle memory).

Boston (based on overstuffed library shelves filled with Cursethologies).

Washington is the new child star of baseball torture, thanks to the Nationals’ repeated inability to get past the first round of the playoffs, thanks to the city having waited since 1933 to see the inside of a World Series, since 1924 to actually win one.

Nobody (outside of Houston, anyway) ever talks about Houston belonging in that mix which, when you think about it, actually adds to the torture. Millions of neutral folks adopted the Red Sox temporarily through the years, and the Cubs. Many planned to do the same with the Indians. But where is the groundswell to help out the Astros? Do you people not know what they’ve endured since 1962?

Forget that their partners in that ’62 expansion, the Mets, have won two championships and appeared in five World Series since the clubs entered the National League together (while the Astros have only the 2005 NL flag to show for their first 55 years). That places them third behind the Indians and the

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