Researchers: Study confirms CTE finding in player tested while living

Researchers say their newly published study confirms a finding of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in a living patient.

The study, published in Neurosurgery this week, found the presence of tau, a protein that forms around damaged neural cells, in 14 living retired NFL players through a brain scan. Following the death of one of the players, doctors confirmed a CTE diagnosis.

Dr. Bennet Omalu, one of the 12 researchers for the paper, told ESPN’s Outside the Lines that the former NFL player was Fred McNeill, who died in 2015.

Dr. Julian Bailes, who participated in the study, told ESPN that the new publication contains the peer review of two co-authors, who confirmed that McNeill had been living with CTE, as OTL reported in February 2016.

CTE can cause symptoms such as depression, impulsive anger, violent mood swings, memory loss and deficits similar in some cases to Alzheimer’s disease. CTE has been found in a number of former NFL players after their deaths, including Junior Seau, Dave Duerson and Aaron Hernandez.

“It’s not just about the concussions,” Bailes said. “It’s about years

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