Residents lash out at officials over response before and after London apartment tower fire

On the streets around the charred Grenfell Tower, Prime Minister Theresa May’s name is being uttered in angry tones with rising frequency.

“She didn’t speak to anyone when she came here.”

“She’s supposed to be our leader.”


Conservative Party majority in Parliament wiped out, has been accused of dramatically — perhaps even catastrophically — misjudging the public mood when she visited the site of the devastation Wednesday afternoon. She chose to speak only to emergency crews at the scene before being swiftly whisked away.

Comparisons have been made to George W. Bush’s “Katrina moment,” when the president was photographed staring down at New Orleans from a plane window, instead of interacting with distraught residents on the ground.

Labor Party made huge gains in the election on a platform of representing “the many, not the few,” mingled with residents, listened to their anger and concerns and promised to get answers for the bereaved and homeless.

May’s actions left a bitter taste in many mouths, and by the time she returned Thursday to visit the injured in hospital as well as volunteers at a makeshift collection center in a nearby church, there was palpable anger among the crowd. People booed and heckled her departing vehicle, shouting, “Shame

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