Rickie Fowler is a major disappointment

2:10 AM ET

ERIN, Wisc. — As we assess Rickie Fowler’s U.S. Open performance at Erin Hills, let’s get a few things out of the way early: If you’re critical of Fowler because you feel his level of fame outweighs his accomplishments, or because he dates a lot of beautiful women, or because you think he appears in too many insurance commercials and is too in love with Snapchat, you’re making the wrong argument.

None of that has any real effect on his golf. There are a lot of bad takes out there when it comes to Fowler, but the one that suggests he wants to be famous more than he wants to be great, is off the mark. If someone wanted to give you a bunch of money to wear neon-colored clothes, or if models and Instagram celebrities wanted to date you, you’d almost certainly embrace those opportunities. Fowler isn’t that different, in that respect, from Derek Jeter. Maybe there was a time when his focus on golf wasn’t quite

Article source: http://www.espn.com/golf/usopen17/story/_/id/19672122/us-open-2017-rickie-fowler-major-disappointment

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