Robert Mugabe Accumulated Riches as Zimbabwe Crumbled. Here’s What We Know About His Money

Zimbabwe leader Robert Mugabe, who is widely assumed to have enriched himself and his family while his country suffered enormous economic hardships, is clinging to power as his country works to unseat him after 37 years of rule.

It’s still not clear if he will step down willingly.

According to CNN, the military has agreed to give the 93-year-old longtime president “full immunity for himself and his wife, Grace Mugabe, and for him to keep several of his properties.”

That immunity may be necessary, because Mugabe stands accused of numerous crimes, including amassing untold wealth, much of it at the expense of his countrymen.

“It’s long been suspected that Robert Mugabe, his family, and close associates have been dipping their hands into state coffers, or otherwise plundering Zimbabwe’s immense natural resource wealth for their own benefit,” Jeffrey Smith, executive director of democracy group Vanguard Africa, told MONEY in an email.

Robert Mugabe’s Wealth and Properties

In 2011, Wikileaks published a cable written a decade earlier by the U.S. embassy in Harare that stated, “The full extent of Mugabe’s assets are unknown, but are rumored to exceed $1 billion in value, the majority of which are likely invested outside Zimbabwe.”

The overseas assets are “rumored to include everything from secret accounts in Switzerland, the Channel Islands,

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