Rockets vs. Raptors could be a nice NBA Finals alternative to Warriors vs. Cavs

The clock is running and James Harden is bringing the ball up the court against a ferocious Toronto crowd. DeMar DeRozan meets him at halfcourt. Harden, the reigning MVP, faces the MVP runner up in Game 6 of the NBA Finals. A win here, and Houston will add another trophy to their already historic franchise. Harden and Chris Paul are trying to shake off years of narrative that has been attached to their names from previous playoff failures. 

The Raptors play with an entire country on their shoulders in their first ever NBA Finals appearance. They’ve banged their heads against the playoff ceiling so many times with perennial disappointment. Finally, everything came together this season in the form of a new and improved offense.

Harden isolates DeRozan so Kyle Lowry comes over to provide help. The MVP splits the double team and pulls up. The scene fades to black and the random NBA fan that was dreaming this scenario awakes in their bed. It’s June and they’re prepared to watch LeBron James take on Kevin Durant in Warriors vs Cavaliers part four. The actual NBA Finals everybody expects.

There is nothing wrong with the Warriors vs Cavs rivalry. It features the best players in the world and has the history to back it up.

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