Seahawks vs. Bears final score, takeaways: Chicago, Seattle look like teams heading in opposite directions

Monday night featured a fun game with a fairly close outcome, but the harsh reality of the Bears 24-17 victory over the Seahawks is we saw two teams headed in opposite directions in the NFC. Chicago is rising and Seattle is treading water, trying to find an identity in the post Legion of Boom Era.

The Bears shoved all in on Mitchell Trubisky’s rookie contract, trading for Khalil Mack, and both guys made an impact, as did high-priced free-agent signing Allen Robinson. Chicago is able to add pieces like Mack and Robinson because Trubisky is dirt cheap, relative to veteran quarterbacks. Once upon a time, Seattle jammed open a window for a run at a would-be defensive dynasty thanks to the comically inexpensive rookie contract of one Russell Wilson, a window that shut this offseason with the LOB crumbling. 

Seattle’s been relegated to rebuilding on both sides of the ball, trying to reconfigure the roster around Wilson. There are plenty of players of interest for Seattle, but this is clearly a roster in flux. Will Dissly is one of their top receivers, which we all saw coming after he recorded roughly 400 yards receiving in college.