Shohei the money? Angels, M’s deal for dough

The deals have separated the top three teams from the pack. The Mariners now have $2.557 million to offer Ohtani, the second-highest amount among the seven remaining suitors for the unique talent. The Angels, who now have $2.315 million, are next. The Rangers ($3.535 million) still lead the way. The Cubs, Dodgers, Padres and Giants can only offer Ohtani a $300,000 bonus as a penalty for exceeding their allotted bonus pools in a previous signing period.

MLB Pipeline: Top 30 International Prospects

If Ohtani chooses to play somewhere other than Seattle or Anaheim, the additional money would serve the clubs in pursuit of other international free agents. While Ohtani is regarded as a grand prize, additional players are available and could very well be highly coveted in a uniquely deep market. (Prospects until recently controlled by the Braves, for example, were declared free agents as part of penalties handed down when their GM, since dismissed and banned, was found to have acquired them improperly. The Angels have already agreed to terms with two of them.)

Halos trade for bonus money

The Twins took advantage

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