Shootaround (June 10) — Past moves by LeBron, Durant irk some

“There’s only one Michael,” Kerr said during the Warriors’ 73-9 run last season, referencing Jordan and the 1995-96 Bulls’ 72-10 record.

The Warriors’ collapse to the Cavaliers in coughing up a Draymond Green-suspension-aided 3-1 lead seemed to make the debate moot. It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that ring.

But here come the Warriors again, on the precipice of perfection. They’re a Friday victory away from the almost unthinkable, a 16-0 postseason mark and their second title in three seasons.

With Kevin Durant on board, where these Warriors rank among the league’s all-time best could be an annual affair. Much like the Jordan versus LeBron James debate, it’s as much fun as it is inconclusive.

But in taverns and on talk radio, in chat rooms and clicks to newspaper websites, most want a winner and argue for it with passion. Rules changes and other variables make that impossible. Just as Stephen Curry doesn’t have to deal with a Jordan hand check on the perimeter, Jordan doesn’t live in this age of 24-7, social-media driven news cycles.

But heck, let’s play the 1995-96 Bulls versus this season’s Warriors out just for fun.

First, some numbers: If the Warriors win Friday, they will cap an 83-15 regular season and postseason combined. The 1995-96 Bulls went 87-13.

This season’s Warriors boasted a regular-season point differential of plus-11.6,

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