Shootaround (June 9) — Jerry West amazed by Golden State Warriors’ teamwork, ‘dominance’

 A day after falling behind 3-0 in the NBA Finals, LeBron James gave one of his most thoughtful and wide-ranging news conferences of the last year.

Below is a partial transcript of James’ comments, marked by highlights and italicized annotations.

Q: Having changed teams a couple times and knowing how hard it can be, how long can it take for it all to come together? Can you appreciate for Kevin (Durant) maybe, how fortunate maybe he is that it looks like he found a situation for him where it just blends perfectly right and maybe it can be quicker, he can find a fulfillment easier?

LeBron James: Well, first of all, with all the success that he’s gotten throughout his career, I’ve always been proud of him, and I’m always excited to see him grow as a player. I don’t think that our careers are the same as far as changing teams. Their team was already kind of put together, and you just implement a guy that’s ready to sacrifice, a great talent, a guy that’s willing to do whatever it takes to help the team win. But that team, they knew what they were about. He just had to come in and just do what he had to do. And that’s what he been doing.

This could be perceived as James taking a minor dig at

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