Stephen Jackson says he played high, Don Nelson was cool with marijuana talk

Former NBA player Stephen Jackson appeared on Michael Rapaport’s podcast “I AM RAPAPORT” and shared some of his best stories involving former Golden State Warriors coach Don Nelson and mind-altering substances. First, he described Nelson inviting him and Baron Davis to a bar a couple of days before the start of a season — presumably 2007-08 — and the three of them getting “wasted” on Macallan. Jackson had never drank scotch before, and said this created a bond between him and Nelson.

Jackson went on to talk about marijuana — he loved it, and Nelson didn’t exactly discourage it.

“This is crazy, nobody knows this story, so this is the first time somebody is hearing this story,” Jackson said. “We’re in Utah and the drug test people are around, you know, to get our last drug test, so we can smoke, right? And Don Nelson, we talked about weed all the time, he was cool with talking about weed. We got our last test in Utah, right? So me and Baron are coming out the locker room just screaming, excited, right, with our last pink slip saying we could smoke for the rest of the season. And Don Nelson hauls ass down there giving us high-fives like, ‘Yeah, we can smoke now!’ It was cool, the fact that he knows

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