Teams of the week: Auburn treated No. 1 Georgia like its little brother

The bloodlines cross pretty significantly in the Auburn-Georgia rivalry, within both the fan bases and football programs. Georgia coaching great Vince Dooley was an Auburn grad, Auburn coaching great Pat Dye was a Georgia grad, etc. These are similar programs with similar histories, and, predictably, the rivalry between them has been underrated and unpredictable.

The “big brother” and “little brother” designations flip back and forth from year to year, and it was easy to assume that Georgia, the No. 1 team in the CFP rankings, would assume the former designation on Saturday.

Instead, Auburn was the one climbing on top of the younger sibling, slapping him with his own hand, and saying, “Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself.”

With Auburn’s previous performances against top-level defenses, I figured the Tigers would need to get aggressive and take some risks offensively to score enough points to beat Georgia. They had other ideas.

They elected to dominate Georgia’s run game and become the first team to make UGA quarterback Jake Fromm look like a freshman. Auburn’s own offense was, at first, a secondary concern.

Auburn leaned heavily on the run early. It was successful enough to create scoring opportunities, but this low-risk approach led to stalled drives and field goals.

In theory, this is bad. You

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