The 2-0 Miami Dolphins are no fluke

For more than 30 years, a 2-0 start was a sign of inevitability in Miami.

The Dolphins, first of Don Shula, then of Jimmy Johnson and Dave Wannstedt, won their first two games of the season 17 times between 1972 and 2002, and they made the playoffs 15 times. And in one of the times they didn’t — 1977 — they still finished 10-4 and missed the postseason only because of a tie-breaker loss to the Colts and a really good wildcard team (the 11-3 Raiders).

After four straight winning seasons, the Wannstedt era ended unceremoniously with a 4-12 dud in 2004, and the franchise officially wandered into the wilderness. Since then, the Dolphins have made the playoffs only twice, and in both seasons they had to rip off crazy, unlikely late hot streaks to do the deed — a 2-4 start begat a 9-1 finish in 2008, and a 1-4 start led to a 9-2 finish in 2016.

Since Wannstedt left Miami, the Dolphins have twice began seasons 2-0 (2010 and 2013). It meant nothing both times.

Does it mean something in 2018?

Miami has begun this season with tight wins over the Titans (27-20) and the Jets (20-12). The Phins are, at the moment, in first place in the AFC East. They

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