The 8 things you need to know about Dee Gordon’s PED suspension

Marlins All-Star second baseman Dee Gordon has been suspended for 80 games for testing positive for a drug that has been deemed performance-enhancing. As with any high-profile PED bust, there are a lot of layers. Let’s attempt to peel some of them back.

1. How this impacts the Marlins

SportsLine projections had the Marlins winning 76.8 games with a 1.3 percent chance of making the playoffs. With Gordon out for essentially half the season, those figures are now 75.2 and 0.8, respectively. It doesn’t seem huge, but one player impacting almost two wins over the course of 80 games is a big deal.

If the Marlins happen to beat those odds and make the postseason, Gordon won’t be eligible to play.

2. Barry Bonds is Gordon’s hitting coach, but …

… it’s quite the leap to assume Bonds shows up in the spring training locker room and immediately starts getting guys suspended. I admire the willingness of people to jump through hoops in order to further a narrative they’ve been peddling for over a decade, but if Bonds were really going to do this, we’ll see a lot more Marlins busted than Gordon. I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

3. No, the testing program doesn’t need to be changed

Dee Gordon has to miss 80 games now. He’s one test away from missing an entire

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