The Andrew Cashner deal was the perfect preview of the MLB trade deadline

The Miami Marlins are [rolls 37-sided dice] going for it, and the San Diego Padres were happy to oblige. The two teams made one of the more stunning trades of the deadline so far, with the Marlins giving up prospects and an elite (if injured) bullpen arm, and the Padres giving up two of the last starting pitchers on the market.

Welcome to the 2016 MLB trade deadline. This deal can teach you things. Big, important things about what we’re going to see over the next three days, if not what we’re going to see all winter. The Marlins made a trade with the Padres, and it’s more exciting than it sounds. These are the teams that exchanged Gary Sheffield, Trevor Hoffman, Kevin Brown and Derrek Lee, after all.

The lessons we can learn:

The Marlins are really, really going for it

Like, whoa, really, really, really going for it. Hello, Marlins! Welcome back to the land of the newsworthy! We kept a seat warm for you.

It’s easy to see why they’re going for it. Giancarlo Stanton is hitting again. The entire outfield is a thrill, and they’re getting their dynamic leadoff hitter back. They’re within striking distance of the NL East, and if the season ended today, they would get to use Jose Fernandez in a one-game

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