The Boston Connection: Matt Ryan’s BC glory days in the city Tom Brady already owned

CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. — One of many roundabout stories that connect Matt Ryan to Boston and Tom Brady begins in 2004, when Steve Logan became the head coach of the Berlin Thunder. His quarterback there was Rohan Davey, who had spent the previous two seasons in New England, serving mostly as Brady’s backup.

Before Logan embarked for NFL Europe, Patriots coach Bill Belichick invited him to practice. Logan spent three days with the staff, learning Brady’s preferred option route concepts, so Davey could work on them. Logan then installed them in his offense, won a World Bowl with Davey and four seasons later brought those same concepts back to the U.S., where at Boston College he tutored another quarterback who became a star but wasn’t supposed to be one. The youngster’s name was Matt Ryan, and Logan constantly reminded him where some of his favorite pass plays came from—the budding NFL power to the south in Foxborough.

The option routes were fairly simple, says Rich Gunnell, one of Ryan’s favorite targets in that 2007 season (and the current BC wide receivers coach). He would run slant routes from the slot, for instance, over and over, until the defense would bracket him inside with a second defender, at which point he would option toward the sideline into the flat. Slant ’til you

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