The Celtics’ hot start, by the numbers

After an inauspicious 0-2 start, the Boston Celtics have the best record in NBA. And although it’s early in the season, the team’s recent spell of wins — albeit a small sample size — cannot be overlooked. Here’s a breakdown of their encouraging first three weeks of the season:

Their record: 9-2

3: Number of teams (New York Knicks, San Antonio Spurs, and Orlando Magic) they beat that currently are above .500.

9: Number of consecutive games they have won. The Celtics haven’t lost since their home opener against the Milwaukee Bucks on October 18.

11.2: Average margin of victory during their nine-game winning streak. Through all 11 games, the Celtics’ average scoring margin is +9.1 points, which is up significantly from last year’s mark of +1.6. It’s also good enough for second-best in the NBA, as only the Warriors boast a higher stat with +10.1.

How the team stacks up against the league

23.3: Average number of team assists per game — ninth-highest in the NBA. Last season, they averaged 25.5.

37.1: Average number of defensive rebounds per game — fifth-highest in the NBA. Last season, they averaged 32.1.

42.9: Opponent’s average shooting percentage — fourth-lowest in the NBA. Last season, opponents shot an average 45.4 percent from the field.

103.5: Average number of points per game — ninth-lowest in the NBA. Last season, they averaged 107.5.

How the team stacks up against franchise history

3: The Celtics just wrapped

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