The last thing you’ll need to read about the Yankees’ manager situation

From “Aaron ‘Bleepin” Boone!” to “Aaron ‘Bleepin” Boone?”

One punctuation mark certainly has changed the perspective of Yankees fans (and, to some extent, Red Sox fans) with the hiring of Boone to be the next Yankees manager.

PHILLIPS: Boone gives Yanks someone Cashman can mold

The decision to hire Boone has befuddled some Yankees fans across the always reasonable and fair-minded internet. Some words used to describe the hiring: “Confusing,” “unexciting” and “bad.”

While the soap opera has ended for the Yankees, fans are still scratching their heads trying to figure out what happened. Kind of like watching “Batman vs. Superman,” but in baseball form.

I’m here to untangle the web for you.

Was the process messy or organized?

There seems to be two conflicting schools of thought regarding the entire process of the Yankees searching for a new manager. Some believe it was messy, while others seem to believe it was well organized.

Not a lot of information came out from the interview process, aside from the customary post-interview phone conference with the media, but the Yankees certainly did their due diligence searching for a new manager — some reports said they had up to 30 candidates in the pipeline.

Ultimately, six candidates interviewed for the position — Rob Thomson, Eric Wedge, Carlos Beltran, Hensley Meulens, Aaron Boone and Chris Woodward.

Not sure what’s messy about leaving no stone unturned and exhausting every

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