The Long, Slow Descent into Days of No Basketball

When I first started writing my basketball blog years ago, I strove to point out things that others did not. That blog led to this role with Pounding the Rock. My goal has become more difficult to achieve as more writers, including my fellow PtR writers have weighed in, which in turn puts more pressure on the actual game announcers to avoid spouting cliches instead of real insight. Even Mark Jackson has (mostly) minimized his stock phrases — hand down, man down and Momma, there goes that man. Of course, he still resurrects them when he has nothing better to say.

Despite this improvement, I don’t think I heard any of the announcers mention during Game Three that the Cavs made 6’9’’ Jeff Green the primary defender on Stephen Curry. We don’t know if that coaching decision contributed to Curry’s abysmal night (1 for 10 from 3 for the best shooter ever), but I bet Green and his coach think so.

Another point I haven’t seen elsewhere is that the Warriors wound up with six players in double figures, and another with 8 points. Those stats often indicate extremely balanced scoring. Alas, it did not for Game Three, as the Warriors had one player with 11, and four

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