The Naz Shah Scandal Shows that the Right Has an Anti-Semitism Problem

Labour MP Naz Shah as she tells the House of Commons that she “wholeheartedly apologises” for words she used in a Facebook post about Israel. (Photo by PA)

It’s hard being Jewish in Britain today. People give you
strange looks and ask you stranger questions. They’ll tell you without any
shame exactly how you ought to feel about national and foreign politics. You
can very easily get singled out and made to feel different, just because your
ancestors practiced a slightly unusual faith. Strangers will start thundering
at you from podiums and newspaper columns, seeming to address a general
audience but really ranting directly at
and it can make you feel afraid. But they
you to feel afraid. They keep on saying it: be afraid, Jewboy, bad things are
coming for you. What’s worse is that this isn’t just coming from the general
rabble; one of the country’s main parties seems captive to Europe’s oldest and
most shameful hatred. Its public figures will swear up and down that they have
nothing against Jews, they love Jews, they love British diversity, and what’s
more, they have full and unquestioning support for the state of Israel. But if
they love me so much, why do they insist on shouting me down whenever I happen
to disagree

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