The NFL’s Desperation For Quarterbacks Is Destroying Quarterbacks

The NFL’s Desperation For Quarterbacks Is Destroying Quarterbacks

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The NFL is irrational on many levels, especially given the big ginger moron who runs everything. But the most irrational thing about it is that the price of the top pick in the draft—or a pick in close vicinity to it—has continued to be enormous even though both the data and the existence of Ryan Leaf have long since proven that it’s better to have many good draft picks instead of just a great one. Of the three rookie quarterbacks in history—Leaf, Eli Manning, RG3—acquired by trading away a buttload of picks, only Manning has had a long, successful career, and he’s still an immensely irritating player in spite of it.

In fact, even when you don’t hand over a king’s ransom, trading up for a quarterback usually turns out badly. Jeff George, The Original Jay Cutler, was acquired for a first-round swap, plus Andre Rison, Chris Hinton, and a fourth rounder. Michael Vick was acquired for a first-round swap (the Chargers then used the No. 5 pick on LaDainian Tomlinson),

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