The outlook and expectations for all 15 (!) new Week 1 QB starters

7:00 AM ET

Hey, who’s the new guy? In Week 1 in the NFL, there was a pretty good chance it was the starting quarterback.

A total of 15 NFL teams had different Week 1 starting quarterbacks this year than they had in 2017. How unusual is that? Only once in the Super Bowl era has that number been higher — in 1999, when 16 teams had different Week 1 starters than they had in 1998.

Amazingly, of this year’s 15 new starters, only one was a rookie — the Jets’ Sam Darnold. The turnover at quarterback over the past 12 months has been historic even for a league that lives with constant churn at the position, and history tells us things are likely to remain unsettled in many of these places.

So we thought we’d take a look at the 15 new Week 1 quarterback starters and their situations, just to see how this all happened and how likely each new guy will stick.