The Rockets’ big problem vs. the Warriors wasn’t their stars. It was everything else.

HOUSTON — Kevin Durant and James Harden hoarded Game 1’s limelight. In the Golden State Warriors’ 119-106 win over the Houston Rockets in the Western Conference Finals on Monday, those two leviathans combined for 35 percent of the game’s scoring, each hitting increasingly difficult shots and transcending to a new sport entirely.

But while those two awed us all and the dueling point guards (Stephen Curry and Chris Paul) exchanged quieter-than-usual nights, it was everyone else who decided the game’s final outcome.

This reveals the Rockets’ math problem that everyone understood coming into this heavyweight series. Golden State boasts a legitimate Big Four, plus a few battle-proven veterans that share a couple pieces of jewelry from the past three seasons. While the Rockets plucked Chris Paul from Hollywood last summer to place him next to James Harden, and even as they shored up their rotation with reliable role players, they don’t boast as many stars. Four two. They can’t change that.

“They are who they are,” Luc Mbah a Moute told SB Nation. “We are who we are.”