The secrets of earning rewards travel

Even in these budget-stretched times, some families have miles to go — and they’re traveling for FREE! Anna Werner has a story that’s “in the cards” (A version of this story originally aired on April 9, 2017): 

When Werner caught up with Cincinnati residents Dan Miller and his wife, Carolyn, earlier this year, they were getting their six kids ready for a Spring Break trip to California. Sounds expensive, right? But Miller managed to fly his family of eight for $500.

In fact, the Miller family has been able to travel the world on a computer programmer’s salary, all by using airline miles or credit card points. [He and his wife have about 40 cards between them.]


He’s not your average card user, though. Miller got so good at this card game, he started writing a blog: Points with a Crew.

“You don’t have to be as crazy as I am,” Miller laughed. “I like to tell people if you do it right, really with one or two additional credit card sign-ups, you can take your family somewhere for free using those miles.”

And guess what? The savings really add up. 

Miller has saved, he’s reckoned, “tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars over the course of the last couple of

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