The world adores Justin Trudeau. In Canada, we’re still reserving judgment

    The world has fallen in love with Justin Trudeau – the panda-cuddling, wheelchair-carrying, refugee-welcoming prime minister of Canada. Glossies from Vogue to Vanity Fair constantly fawn over his good looks and youthful exuberance. And large swaths of the internet can’t get enough of the liberal leader’s charm, intellect and constant declarations that he’s a feminist. I included myself in this category.

    Then I moved to Canada. And it became pretty obvious that the jury’s still out on Trudeau there, even with the generalized relief that Stephen Harper’s steely conservatism is no more. While Trudeau is depicted abroad as a heartthrob superhero, people here are less excited and more focused on whether he’s all style over substance.

    Older Canadians are assuming a “wait and see” ambivalence toward Trudeau, who is far less qualified for the role than his storied prime minister father, Pierre. And younger Canadians are wary because Justin Trudeau also evokes the “hope and change” excitement of 2008-era Barack Obama, whose two terms did little to satisfy the high expectations that surrounded his

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