These pictures show just how devastating this weekend’s tsunami in Indonesia really was

The effects of the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and subsequent 18-foot tsunami that rocked Indonesia this weekend are still being assessed.

A series of earthquakes had been shaking the city of Palu, Indonesia, on Friday. But it was the hit of the 7.5 earthquakes that triggered the tsunami and left Palu and the surrounding area devastated.

Officials have said that the current death toll is well over 800 but is expected to climb.

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The New York Times also reported that search and rescue efforts have been further complicated due to the absence of heavy equipment, leaving people to have to dig through the rubble with their hands.

According to theNew York Times, special buoys that had been placed in the water to monitor waves have not been working properly for the past six years and therefore did not alert anyone to the oncoming wave.

People have taken to social media to share pictures of the destruction. Here are some of the ones we’ve found: