Tom Brady wisely dodges Trump questions because you can’t win at Super Bowl media day

During the Super Bowl’s media night, Tom Brady was asked at least four separate times about Donald Trump, politics or whether he was keeping up with the news of the week.  Four separate times, Brady demurred, saying he “wished the best for everybody” and that he wasn’t “talking politics at all.”

Reaction to Brady staying out of the fray was predictable but, come on, what did you expect: the most famous football player in the world to sit on his podium and give actual opinions about Deflategate, politics, the president and, most important of all, which Boston actor he likes the best? There was never any shot of that happening. Tom Brady has been around the block for 16 years, answered thousands of inane questions from reporters and has sat in front of Super Bowl media throngs a half-dozen times answering infinitely more inane questions than during the regular season. And, as he has more most of his career, Brady exemplified the credo by which most great athletes live: There’s no benefit in being interesting or speaking your mind. Don’t spout any nonsense about it being Brady’s responsibility to speak. If you believe in the power of protest, you must also respect the right to stay silent.

That’s why Brady said his favorite Boston actor was “Matt Affleck.” It’s why he

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