Trade grades: Who wins the Celtics-Sixers top-3 pick swap?

The reported deal

Sixers get: 2017 No. 1 pick

Celtics get: 2017 No. 3 pick and 2018 L.A. Lakers first-round pick if No. 2-5 (otherwise 2019 Sacramento Kings first-round pick)

Philadelphia 76ers: B

At a gathering of the NBA media and executives in town the night before this year’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, a member of Boston’s front office and a former counterpart with the 76ers engaged in an entertaining debate: Which team had completed the best trade in recent NBA history?

Both argued for the opposite side, the Celtics executive nominating Philadelphia’s deal with the Sacramento Kings to secure swap rights the next two years and an unprotected 2019 first-round pick and the ex-Sixers exec favoring Boston landing three first-round picks and a pick swap from the Brooklyn Nets.

Remarkably, those two lopsided trades intersected in a fascinating deal reported to have

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