Travel Tricks Every Entrepreneur Needs To Know

Passengers stand in line to go through a TSA security checkpoint

I have always spent extensive time traveling for business over the past 15 years.  Even prior to starting PK4 Media, I ran national sales teams with five U.S. offices and our parent company was based in the United Kingdom.

Since launching PK4 Media in 2009, I have spent at least one week per month on the road.  In the process, I have learned every travel trick in the book to help make the trip comfortable and successful.

For many entrepreneurs, business travel can be stressful, expensive, and cause problems to the company’s bottom line if missteps are made.

Here are 7 business travel tips every entrepreneur needs to know:

Have a System for TSA Security: Do not be the passenger holding up the TSA line. I developed a system, so you never miss a flight or lose an item. Invest in TSA pre-check or Clear (for domestic), and Global Entry (for international), and always have your ID and e-ticket ready.  Place your carry-on luggage onto the conveyor belt first and your laptop bag second.  Put your cell phone and wallet into your jacket pocket and place that over your laptop bag.  By doing this, you will be on the other side by the time your cell phone and wallet

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